The Electronic Lyceum

Welcome to the halls of the Electronic Lyceum. Each hall is labeled, so you merely need to click on the label of the hall that you wish to be in. Each hall represents a separate department.

In the Greek Studies Department, you will be keeping company with such worthies as Hippocrates, Artephius, Epictetus, Plato, and Aristotle. There is also a drama section in the Greek Studies Department, where you can meet two of ancient Greece's most celebrated playwrights, Aristophanes and Euripides.

  • The Greek Studies Department

    In the Roman Studies Department, you will have the chance to learn from such notables as Galen, MARCUS ORELIUS ANTONIUS and St. Augustine.

  • The Roman Studies Department

    Confucius heads the Eastern Studies Department, and for the present, I'm afraid he is there all by himself. He chairs the department, and well, he (IS) the department.

  • The Eastern Studies Department

    Sir Thomas More heads the British Studies Department, despite there being a strong contingency of empiricists such as Hobbes, Bacon, Locke and Hume. The school of utilitarianism is represented by John Stewart Mill. George Berkeley sort of rounds things off with his Principals Of Human Knowledge.

  • The British Studies Department

    In the Ethics and Morality Department, you will be exposed to the intellectual influence of Spinoza and Kant. Rousseau and Descartes are there to offer you a bit of french sensationalism and a taste of philosophy from the French period of enlightenment, just before the revolution.

  • The Ethics and Morality Department

    In the American Studies Department, you will have the chance to meet such great american thinkers as Emmerson, Thoreau and the father of radicle Empiricism, William James.

  • American Studies Department

  • Pagan Studies Department That about raps it up for the time-being, but more will be added to this site, when ever I get my hands on new material.

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